How to live life not to interfere with the “life clock”

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The secret of the mechanics in the life clock. These are the genes that make proteins that control the body‘s processes. That break down on their own in about 24 hours before they start to build up again. It is this process that makes our body work in accordance with the day-night cycle. And this mechanism is found in living organisms such as fish, birds, insects, as well as humans.

Is your life clock working normally?

We live in a 24-hour cycle of day and night, where our biological clock uses light and dark as the criterion to determine our living conditions, such as when the skies begin to darken. Our bodies will cool down a bit. Blood pressure will begin to drop. Our analytical abilities will slowly decline and we will eventually begin to want to lay down in bed to sleep. 

While the soft sunlight in the morning causes our body to wake up slowly to prepare for the new day. those who work during the night. UFABET They may find that they are unable to sleep during the day despite how tired they are. but at the same time At night they had to get up and go to work. They may find that their bodies and senses gradually weaken to the point of falling asleep. This happens because their internal clock tries to stimulate their bodies to stay awake during the day and fall asleep at night.

In other words, the quality of sleep is important. We humans should get enough sleep. That means that the body is restored. make organs work better

For those who need to work at night If you don’t want to get sick The best thing to do is to take a nap during the day to replace it. and find time to exercise as well as eating nutritious food. Because sleep deprivation will lower immunity as well.