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Arsenal announced to sign Nelson for 4 years.

Arsenal are set to announce a new four-year contract for young winger Reiss Nelson. Replacing the old contract that expired in June. With the option to expand the team for another season Intent to increase the homegrown quota for registration for the English Premier League. According to

Zoboslai was born a celebrity.

Ex-Hungarian goalkeeper Adam Bogdan has given his heartfelt support to the youngster Dominic Zoboslai move to Liverpool. Because the star zodiac sign shines from far away. Zoboslei, who joins from RB Leipzig with a £60m release clause. Becomes the fourth Hungarian player in Reds history after

Manchester United Club creates ticket fans to join the launch of Mount.

Manchester United Club creates a new dimension for player launches while boosting season ticket sales. That are already in high demand by organizing a special experience for the two parties to converge. As a result, reluctant players and reluctant supporters begin to become members of the football

Chelsea selling midfielder Mason Mount.

Rio Ferdinand the BT Sport analyst regrets instead of Chelsea for selling midfielder Mason Mount to Manchester United. Because of his valuable attributes, scoring goals, creating chances, diligence and homegrown quotas. Mount made his debut as United’s first player in this transfer window with a