How to eat durians to be safe for health.

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The USDA Nutrient Database records that 100 grams of durians meat contains 174 calories, 27.09 grams of carbohydrates, and also contains dietary fiber, fat, protein, vitamins and other minerals. How to eat durians to be safe for health.

  1. The Department of Health recommends eating no more than 2 medium durians per day because eating 4-6 durians is equivalent to drinking up to 2 cans of soda, or equivalent to a total of 400 kilocalories of energy.
  2. Do not eat durian often. UFABET Eat durian next to each meal or every day because it will give you too much energy.
  3. When to eat durian Should reduce food groups of rice, flour, sugar, carbohydrates, sugary foods, high-fat foods, fatty foods so that the body does not get more energy than needed each day.
  4. Avoid eating foods containing or modified from durian. Along with eating fresh durian such as fried durian, durian stirred, durian ice cream.
  5. Whenever you eat durian, don’t forget to exercise regularly together.

Things that should not be eaten with durian.

  • Alcohol can cause redness, numbness, dizziness, or vomiting. And both foods are high in energy. Therefore, it can cause blood sugar to rise rapidly.
  • Caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea can cause headaches.
  • Mangosteen One might have heard that mangosteen has a cooling effect that helps maintain balance in the body from eating hot durian. But in fact, both durian and mangosteen are fruits that are both high in sugar. Therefore, they should not be eaten together. And should not eat in excess.