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How to eat processed foods safely and healthily?

Since salt, sugar and fat in processed foods cannot be controlled. Before buying processed foods. You should always read the nutritional label to make sure. That it does not contain excessive amounts of salt, sugar or fat. Currently, there is the use of traffic light

The nutritional aspects of cocoa.

Cocoa contains a significant quantity of fat, ~40 -50% contained in cocoa butter. This is comprised of 33% oleic acid, 25% palmitic acid, and 33% stearic acid. The polyphenol content constitutes approximately 10% of a whole bean dry weight. The polyphenols that cocoa contains include

High-Fiber Foods to Relieve Constipation.

However, even though fiber is very beneficial to the body, if eaten too much. It may not be good for the digestive system because it may cause flatulence and stomach bloating. In general, you should get 20-35 grams of fiber per day. The Food and

Grapes and their health benefits.

Grapes are a type of berry climbing plant  that is rich in many nutrients. Including vitamin C and vitamin K. They also contain flavonoids. Which have antioxidant benefit. Many people believe that grapes have the ability to reduce blood fat levels Poor blood circulation , which causes leg

Possible side effects of caffeine consumption.

Regular consumption of caffeine or excessive intake of caffeine. It can cause more harm than good body as follows: Insomnia. One of the benefits is that it makes you alert and not sleepy. but at the same time. Consuming too much can lead to insomnia , studies have found. If you get

Benefits of collagen for skin health.

As already mentioned, collagen plays an important role in enhancing skin health. But the body produces less collagen. And those collagen deteriorate or lose from many factors such as increasing age. Lack of sleep, stress, exposure to UV radiation, eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates or smoking. May cause

How do you start take care yourself?

Take care yourself may not be easy for beginners. Because I don’t know what to start with and how to take care of myself. But in fact, taking care of yourself doesn’t have a fixed set of guidelines. And can start making a simple self-care plan by choosing

PM 2.5 dust protection for your body.

When living in the midst of the problem of dust, toxic smoke that is dangerous. You can prevent PM 2.5 dust for your body with simple methods as follows. How can we help reduce PM 2.5 dust for the world? Even if the amount of dust is

How to eat durians to be safe for health.

The USDA Nutrient Database records that 100 grams of durians meat contains 174 calories, 27.09 grams of carbohydrates, and also contains dietary fiber, fat, protein, vitamins and other minerals. How to eat durians to be safe for health. The Department of Health recommends eating no more