Benefits of collagen for skin health.

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As already mentioned, collagen plays an important role in enhancing skin health. But the body produces less collagen. And those collagen deteriorate or lose from many factors such as increasing age. Lack of sleep, stress, exposure to UV radiation, eating too much sugar and refined carbohydrates or smoking. May cause skin problems to follow in the future. Whether it’s wrinkles on the face. The skin is sagging, wrinkled, or dry, lacking moisture.

With several research studies Benefits of short chain (Hydrolyzed Collagen). Which is a collagen that has been processed to make it smaller and easier to absorb into the body than long chain collagen. Short-chain may help repair, restore, and slow down aging skin UFABET

In addition, another study looked at two groups of 36 subjects. In which the first group took a collagen-containing supplement for 12 consecutive weeks compared to another group. The results showed that the skin health of the group that ate consecutively had more moisture, elasticity, smoothness and firmness than the other group. However, the above research was done in a small sample size and relatively short time. Therefore, further studies on the long-term benefits on the skin should be awaited.

There are many types. But the types that are often talked about are:

  • Type 1 is a dense fibrous tissue found in about 90 percent of the body. Especially in the skin, bone, tendon, cartilage and connective tissue.  
  • Type 2 is the looser fiber. It is found in most cartilage and joints.
  • Type 3 is found mainly in muscles, internal organs and arteries.