Quick adjustment to get out of the weakness state

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organize yourself

Quick adjustment to get out of the weakness state. Whether it’s personal work or team work that we feel overwhelmed that we don’t know which job to grab first. Try getting organized by listing all your tasks and starting to prioritize them. Then clearly separate urgent tasks and non-urgent tasks. Organize documents on the same subject into a single folder , may choose to divide by folder color, paste , post-it reminder, or divide by document shelf. Also, don’t forget to keep your desk organized as well. Organizing tasks gives us an overview of all tasks and which ones to manage first. In addition, organizing the desk also creates an environment for us to work more efficiently. This is the first step in moving away from position. 

Quick adjustment to get out of the weakness state

Take advantage of the reminder board.

Each assignment has different deadlines. In addition, while working, we may need to write down sudden ideas or schedule monthly meetings. These things can be written on a post-it or a notepad, and then pasted on. reminder board Personal immediately. Using the reminder board. It will help us to see easily and often than writing down in a notebook because the board can be placed in any part of the office without taking up space. Can choose to place it at the eye level that we can see immediately. make work planning better Don’t forget good ideas sudden thought and may bring ideas Interesting of teammates to paste it to figure out a way to extend it as well.

Take note of interesting points every time you brainstorm.

to change oneself from team weakness Become a qualified member In addition to attending every meeting or Brainstorm, you need to concentrate on the meeting. No more distracted or interested in the smartphone than the topic being discussed. The best way to keep us focused on the meeting ahead of us is to carry a notebook, a companion to take notes. whether it is the main issue or the sub-issue In addition, when teammates offer ideas. It should be written down in case the idea can be used in the future. Then after the meeting, let’s try to review things. recorded again This way. Although we may not have any interesting ideas during the meeting. But when I reviewed what I wrote down. We will see a better overview of that meeting and be able to think of further ideas. easier as well.

Review team goals

teamwork Every job has a goal or purpose that the organization aims for. Always remember to review what the goals of the work we are doing. Knowing a clear goal will let us know how to work towards achieving it. And also make work or find solutions to various problems. more efficient better respond to what the organization wants

Chat with teammates

Communication with other colleagues is very important and indispensable for teamwork We must learn to talk to others rationally. If you encounter problems at work, try consulting a colleague who is close or knowledgeable about the problem you encounter. Or if you are unsure of your own solution, you can try consulting your supervisor. Choosing to talk and communicate with others is the beginning of teamwork powerful It also makes the relationship within the team better as well.

Do not panic or be sad when you feel that you are the weak point of the team, because we know soon enough to find a solution in a timely manner. So don’t forget to take the way to change yourself from someone who used to be a weakness to become a strength of the team. Let’s try to apply it. In addition, the approach we propose can be applied to all levels of work to be more efficient. I can assure you that you will turn yourself into a quality worker for sure.