Are you the weak point of the team?

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Can’t divide working time

Are you the weak point of the team? for office work Allocating time is a priority. that we need to pay attention Because working on a daily basis, we may have to face the same hard work. Or some days there is an urgent job to insert a regular schedule. causing the planned time to change. Especially when we are responsible for working with other team members. It’s even more important to have a clear time allocation. If we can’t start dividing personal work time from public work, slow start Submitting work overdue. Causing the schedule to be completely missed. That’s it, it’s a warning sign of poor quality time sharing. The first signs of becoming a weakness.

not working efficiently

When the time division fails The work that was done had to be accelerated. The quality of the work that was obtained was reduced for both personal and teamwork . There may be an error in the document. Statistical data or missing numbers Even other serious mistakes that may follow. The more we are unable to manage the work to meet the quality standards. The more it indicates that we can not cope with important tasks in the team itself.

I couldn’t keep up with the ideas of my teammates.

Every time when teammates talk about creative ideas for working towards a goal. Have we ever felt that we were unable to keep up with it? May not be able to grasp at the beginning of what other people say means. or unable to imagine the process of working for whatever reason Failing to keep up with teammates ‘ ideas means that we are being left behind. Becoming a weakness that prevents the team from performing at its best.

Unable to capture the issue of the meeting

Brainstorm meetings are opportunities for team members to discuss issues and workarounds. Including finding ways to work for the team to achieve the goals set. It is another important activity for teamwork. But if we attend the meeting and can’t capture the important issues in the discussion at all. or don’t know if they should join in the conversation with others with what issue That means that we are starting to become weak .