4 ways to save money with low risk

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4 ways to save money with low risk. It is believed that not many salaried people have set a goal to save more money so that they can reserve money for spending at the end of their lives. But no matter how many years have passed The money earned is spent on a monthly basis every month. Savings are still not the same. Millions of money, not to mention Working for ten years, I don’t know if I will catch a million with him or not. The reason why all salarymen or everyone else can’t reach their dreams may be because they haven’t acted with discipline. Or still don’t know how to plan your finances? So if we know the right way to save and do it regularly. No matter what your savings goal is. It will surely succeed as intended. And this is part of an effective low-risk savings model. Help turn a salaryman into a millionaire. Try to choose and apply to suit yourself.

4 ways to save money with low risk

4 ways to save money with low risk

Savings in stock dividends

In fact, we already know that investing in stocks is a way to create passive income, but this time we will talk about investing in the form of saving money, not investing for profit. Since both formats are very different risk levels of savings.Money in stocks is buying stocks that are not pricey but pay good dividends. Stocks typically pay dividends once or twice a year. If we have enough stocks in our portfolio and all are dividend stocks. The dividend will be a large sum of money. with a year-end bonus We have a duty to look at the stocks of interest and in the stock dividend. By carefully studying the information about that stock before making an investment decision. and keep adding more and more shares At the right moment, for example, when the stock price decreases, we buy more to average the price we hold even lower, etc. One technique is in the early stages of saving. To use the dividends received to fill the number of shares instead of other expenses. In this way, our port will grow faster.

Advantages of saving money in dividend stocks  : Most dividend stocks do not change much in price. Some have fixed prices for decades, so the chances of losing capital are minimal. It also continued to produce dividends.

Saving money in gold

Whether or not silver is inflated or not, gold remains unchanged in value. Therefore, this technique is especially suitable for people who like gold. Although most of the gold savings we hear about are in the form of gold bullion savings. Hearing this makes many people feel that saving gold is a distant thing. Because it takes a lot of money to save each time. but the truth is If our funds are still low We can start by saving in gold. When there is a large amount of gold, it can be converted to gold bars, no problem. This is to make saving something that everyone can do without much difficulty. And saving gold, gold jewelry, it emphasizes that choosing the one that feels beautiful for us as well Will have encouragement and want to save more gold next time The more time passes The more gold it holds, the more valuable it will be. It also has high liquidity because it can be traded all the time.

Advantages of saving money in gold  : Gold is easy to buy and sell. and has a relatively high price growth rate Can start from a small amount of money, the more if anyone knows the timing of gold speculation, the more savings will be doubled.

Savings by opening a fixed deposit account

Many people may overlook this. Fixed deposit is a savings that is not very noticeable. But the risk is lower than other savings. Different banks have different interest rates for fixed deposit programs. Maybe try to compare the benefits before deciding to open an account first. Because fixed deposits usually take quite a long time to deposit. If already decided How long will it take to change? Let’s calculate the salary earned and set aside a portion of the money for a fixed deposit. The best way is to choose to cut a fixed deposit from your payroll account. Avoid having a lot of money in your hand. so that they don’t spend wastefully

Advantages of saving money by opening a fixed deposit account Fixed  deposit is a very good way to create a discipline in saving. Because you have to make a regular deposit every month. And it would be great if there was an automatic payroll deduction without us seeing the money. Because not seeing the money will not make us feel that we want to spend money.

Saving money using the future jar

It is a goal to save. The money received from savings is money to be invested in the three items mentioned above, sure enough. Many times we do not go beyond the traditional financial level. It’s because we focus too much on the present. Techniques for using this future gearbox. Instead, we will shift our thoughts that are engulfed in current financial troubles with the future or the goals we want. by finding a jar to save money and determine how much this money will be invested in and how much will be collected per week. There is also a condition that this money will not be used for other things. This will automatically help us discipline ourselves to save more and remind us not to waste money unnecessarily.