How to start investing with mutual funds?

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How to start investing with mutual funds? You have to understand mutual funds and saw the benefits of investing. This time, let’s see that If interested to start investing with mutual funds. How should I start so I don’t get lost?

How to start investing with mutual funds?

Explore your goals before investing in mutual funds.

First, before deciding to invest with mutual funds. You should have clear goals for yourself. What do you want to invest for? goal setting This will allow us to choose to invest with assets that meet our needs. For example, the goal is to invest in hopes of making millions. Should choose to invest in mutual funds with medium to high risk  for high returns as well will have the right to catch millions. But if the goal is not might get lost Choose to invest in assets that can not help you reach your goals.

Study the investment policy of each mutual fund carefully. 

Subsequently, before investing Should study the investment details, policies, investment conditions of each fund. Including each asset management company thoroughly. Which can be studied from the Fund Fact Sheet of the asset management companies that we are interested in. Or you can try consulting fund managers who have expertise in each asset management company as well.

Studying Fund Fact Sheet will allow us to know the information of the fund. It will help make decisions easier. The information that should be studied is.

  • Basic information of mutual funds 
  • risk level
  • investment policy
  • retrospective return
  • fee rate (Funds with high fees return will be reduced)
  • Information on trading unit trusts ( ufabet )

financial planning and prepare a reserve for emergencies

Another important thing And it is necessary to do before starting to invest money with mutual funds, namely planning and allocating the proportion of money. keep it as a reserve 

Money invested in mutual funds It should be a burden-free money, not the part that you have to pay for credit card debt, house rent or water and electricity bills. And when this money is invested still have to eat enough Have enough money to pay off all debts. And there must be another part of the money that is kept in reserve for emergencies. will not have to wait to sell investment units to bring out the money along the way high risk of loss make investment in vain 

Simply put, if you have a lot of money invested and still enough to eat plus the remaining reserve can invest But if the wealth is not much Then have to allocate money to invest. It may choose to invest only a little. Or brake the investment before it would be better.

Choose a source for opening a mutual fund account.

After passing the 3 items above, the next step is to choose an asset management company. that we will also open a mutual fund account

  • Opening a mutual fund account with a bank is quick and easy because the bank has many branches to contact. But opening an account with a bank may purchase investment units only with asset management companies that are affiliated with the Bank only 
  • Open a mutual fund account with an asset management company directly. If you decide that you want to invest with this asset management company, you can open an account with an asset management company. You can do this.

Always keep track of investment results.

When the money is invested with mutual funds. The last thing you need to do is to keep track of your investment results. Despite saying that mutual funds have administrative assistants like fund managers. But the owner of the capital like us should always check that. How much did the investment meet our initial goals? Is the fund giving good returns? Should buy more investment units or sell investment units to invest in other assets instead which this tracking can be tracked from the website or the application of the Asset Management Company that we have invested in.