How to choose a power plug?

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How to choose a power plug? It’s time to buy some power plugs. No matter what kind of power socket you like or any particular brand. But before you buy We would like you to consider the following elements:

Look for TIS power plugs first

The first thing to look for before buying a power plug is the industrial standard mark or TIS. or a standard trailer plug At present, the TIS mark of electrical plugs is still divided into 3 parts: TIS plug head, TIS plug socket and TIS power cable (read more about TIS power plug, click to know before you buy! New TIS control of trailer plugs No worries about short circuits ), so before buying, look for TIS and read all the details on the label first.     

Look at the size of the power plug.

power cord In addition to looking at the TIS. Then should consider our use as well, for example, if we want a power plug to be connected to electrical appliances that use a lot of power. Should choose a power plug with a large wire. Because large wires will be able to support electricity better than that. 

  • Power cable size 0.5 sqmm. Suitable for use in extensions up to 1,200 watts.
  • Power cable size 1.0 sqmm. Suitable for use with extension up to 2,200 watts.

Materials used in the manufacture of plugs

The material used in the manufacture of power plugs must be flame-retardant materials. It will not melt if the plug is highly heated, non-flammable and non-flammable, such as ABS plastic, AVC plastic or heat-resistant PC plastic. good impact resistance It will reduce the risk of fire. More safe for life and property  

Electrical outlets with curtains that open and close

This open-close curtain is located in the socket hole of the socket. The curtain opens-close is considered a safety shutter, suitable for homes with young children who are naughty, helping to prevent children from inserting their fingers into the socket holes. Prevents water or splashes from entering as well.

Other auxiliary functions of the power socket

In addition to the main components currently the power plug or trailer plug There are also additional functions. that allows us to use it easily and conveniently and more secure, such as

  • on-off switch It prevents power surges from unplugging or plugging in. It also helps to save electricity. Just turn off the switch when not in use. You don’t have to pull the plug out every time. It also helps to protect the wires from being bent or broken by pulling force. 
  • The power socket with USB port makes it more versatile and convenient. 
  • Surge Protection protects electrical appliances from lightning problems.
  • heat detection system Helps prevent short circuits