What is a mutual fund?

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What is a mutual fund? Mutual Fund is a fund established through raising money from a large number of people
, with a ‘fund manager’ in the ‘Asset Management Company’ (AMAM) as a supervisor. 

This asset management company or asset management company will set up its own fund. There are policies, conditions, and rewards to attract investors. When people are interested. They will invest their money in that fund and will receive as a unit trust back (this unit trust or unit trust can be sold back). The fund manager of the Asset Management. Company will bring the money that people invested here to invest in various assets one more time to generate profits to grow and then bring that profit to be averaged back to all investors. Which will receive much. It depends on the money we invested there.

Why should office workers and freelancers invest in mutual funds?

compared to other investments investing with mutual funds considered convenient and easy. Its Suitable for office workers and freelancers who have to work day and night. People who Lack of time to study investments or a lot of follow-up. Including First Jobbers who have just started working little money on hand. But I want to start investing because.

invest with mutual funds Use only a few baht.

It is said that investing in mutual funds with only 1 baht can be invested.  It depends on the investment conditions of each asset management company for those who are just starting out. Be a new investor or a First Jobber with not much money. May start from sharing 10% of income to invest. Choose to invest in low-risk assets like ufabet online first and save money or profits. As an emergency fund Or it may start with a smaller amount but invest in a spreadable asset class and gradually study the returns of each fund. To continue to invest with more money or higher risk funds in the future

money invested with mutual funds There is a professional to take care of you all the time.

As said above The mutual funds that we invest with the Asset Management. Company will have a fund manager to take care of them. Which is professional can give advice risk management Help us plan monthly, yearly and other investments for us. It’s called just investing money with mutual funds. Also wait to receive dividends only don’t have to manage or sit and watch the screen by yourself all day.