How to clean leather furniture the right way

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Normally, cleaning of genuine leather and faux leather furniture is done in a similar way:

Regularly wipe dust off leather furniture with a dry cloth.

If your sofa or leather chair doesn’t have a lot of dirt, use a clean , dry cloth to wipe it 2-3 times a week. to keep dust from sticking.

How to clean leather furniture the right way

Wipe stains from leather furniture only with a damp cloth.

If the sofa has stains, such as food stains, use a clean cloth dampened with mild soapy water. wipe that stain off But caution is that the damp cloth must be twisted until damp. Try to twist until you make sure the fabric is not too wet. because if the sofa or leather chair gets wet That water stain will last forever.

Cloth for wiping sofas or leather chairs, a microfiber cloth is recommended. Because it is softer than general fabric. Prevent scratches that may be caused by abrasion.

Vacuum every nook and cranny of leather furniture with this soft brush vacuum.

In addition to using wipes, if you have a vacuum cleaner. Soft brush head It can be used to vacuum the nooks and crannies, but avoid vacuum cleaners with hard brushes. Because it will leave scratches on our leather furniture.

Never use all-purpose cleaners on leather furniture.

If you want to clean leather furniture completely. Leather furniture, especially leather furniture, must use leather cleaners only. Do not use alcohol, detergent, or even a cleaner that says. They are ‘all-purpose’ because the chemicals in these products can damage the surface of leather, causing it to fade.

For deeply ingrained stains Leather furniture specialists can help.

For leather furniture with stains or deep stains that are difficult to wipe off. It is recommended to consult a specialist. should not be cleaned by yourself Otherwise, it may turn into harming your own leather furniture by default.  

Never leave your sofa or leather chair out in the sun to kill germs. Because the sun will fade the color of the leather. If it is artificial leather When exposed to the sun. It will become crisp and crack faster as well.

Keep leather furniture moisturized like new with a glossy product.

After your leather furniture is completely dry, apply a varnish. or leather care products To nourish the skin to be moist and soft to the touch as before. but at this stage You don’t have to do it often. Maybe at least once a year is enough.

In addition to proper cleaning. If you want long-lasting beautiful leather furniture. It must be maintained during use as well. For how to maintain leather furniture Just avoid placing sofas or leather chairs in areas exposed to direct sunlight and air conditioners. Because both the sun and the wind will cause the skin to dry and crack faster, sure enough.