6 ways to take care of yourself on a hot day

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Can’t you see that the weather is hot? It can affect our health in many ways.

Drink water to replace the sweat lost in hot weather.

when the weather is hot Sweat is excreted from the body to maintain a stable body temperature. Therefore, drink water to replace lost sweat. Normally, people should drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day, but in this hot summer. should drink more water But there is no need to drink a lot at a time. Recommended to sip water little by little, but sip often. Anyone who works outside the place or works in the office, try to carry a water bottle with you for sipping water throughout the day. It will help your body feel refreshed and not exhausted from the air and sweat. And if it’s good to avoid ice or cold water. and drink water at room temperature better

on a hot day Alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages should be avoided.

Drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages This will cause you to urinate more often than usual. because the body needs to drive these substances out. Therefore, it may cause you to lose more water in the body than before. If you don’t drink water instead. It can cause dehydration. In addition, alcoholic beverages such as liquor, beer, or wine will raise your body temperature and hot weather. It also results in alcohol being absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly. stimulate the heart to pump blood quickly This can cause shock. 

comfortable on hot days Must wear breathable clothing.

Wearing well-ventilated clothing is another factor that keeps the body heat away. helps not to sweat and reduce the occurrence of heat rash Clothes suitable for hot days It should be a light-colored shirt made from natural fibers. like cotton or linen And should avoid dark clothes that absorb heat well. And clothing that is too tight to fit will make it uncomfortable and sweat will be difficult for the body to evacuate.

Avoid going out on very hot days.

In a very hot summer like our country. If not necessary, do not go out for outdoor activities. because in addition to causing heat stroke Skin exposed to UV rays from sunlight for a long time. It also increases the percentage of skin cancer incidence as well. It’s best to avoid outdoor activities indoor exercise. If traveling, it is recommended to carry a UV umbrella and try not to walk in the sun for a long time. Or if you want to shop. It’s recommended to shop online, which is more convenient and comfortable. You don’t have to go out to face the hot weather as well.

Arrange your home according to the weather conditions.

The weather was hot, plus the house was dense and not ventilated. The more the residents are hot and stuffy to the point of frustration. Try to find blinds or curtains in light colors. For the sunshade to be attached to the window area or if there is enough space around the house Trees may also be planted for shade. If you don’t want the air inside the house to be stuffy. Try not to place furniture that blocks the wind direction.