Zoboslai was born a celebrity.

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Ex-Hungarian goalkeeper Adam Bogdan has given his heartfelt support to the youngster Dominic Zoboslai move to Liverpool. Because the star zodiac sign shines from far away.

Zoboslei, who joins from RB Leipzig with a £60m release clause. Becomes the fourth Hungarian player in Reds history after Bogdan, Peter Gulaassi and Istvan Koz come on. 

From which the following generations of children Including following Liverpool’s form. Giving the former long-standing stickman dare to guarantee that. The 22-carat footballer will be an important force for a long time at Anfield.

“I’m proud …

I remember waking up at 3 a.m. the night that Nong Man moved the team. And then reflect on what happened under Liverpool uniform.”

“A lot of my memories are pouring out.” 

“For Dominic, he is the most talented player in Hungary. It has shown in the last few years. But maybe in the future for the best.” UFABET

“It was evident from playing in the Euro U17 qualifiers in Hungary. He scored from a stunning free kick. be the deciding result at the end of the game That is clearly capable.” 

“Joining an agency that is friendly to young players like Red Bull Salzburg, to RB Leipzig is another step, a good direct line.” 

“From Leipzig to Liverpool is a very good route. I think many European clubs trust this approach as it has proven to work.”

“The ‘Reds’ have invested so much in Hungarian players that one thought and was surprised. Because we have never seen a situation like this before.”

“But with his track record, with his degree And with the fact that through the hands of two big teams can say it will make sense.”

Zoboslai returned to Hungary to sort out his personal matters before reporting to the flight training team. The first phase of the camp in Germany Ready to kick the first warm-up duel Karlsruhe ( July 19 )