Manchester United Club creates ticket fans to join the launch of Mount.

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Manchester United Club creates a new dimension for player launches while boosting season ticket sales. That are already in high demand by organizing a special experience for the two parties to converge. As a result, reluctant players and reluctant supporters begin to become members of the football season ticket.

Mount joined the Red Devils from Chelsea in a £60m deal on a 5+1 year option. Making his debut at Carrington training ground yesterday. Ready to receive the number 7. Which is powerful to the level of the manager of the team.

Erik Ten Hag Recommends that :

“I want you to be a very important player for this team,” says the Dutch boss. 

Customer relations also randomly invited fans of various ages, genders and national backgrounds to the facility for a close-up look at the 26-year-old’s debut. Plus take a picture as a souvenir UFABET 

It’s a clever marketing plan because this group of football fans deepen their bond with the club, players feel family. and provoked the desires of the ‘Red Army’, who had not yet won the annual ticket, felt that it was a must-have item 

“It was an amazing opportunity to meet Mason to start his career as a United player, it was a privilege for me,” said senior men’s and women’s season ticket holder Deb Henry. 

“You can feel the connection with the team. This is a prize draw that can happen to any fan.”  

Luca Black, another ‘Red Devils’ season ticket fan, was speechless delighted. Because the club kept a secret about coming to watch after the launch of Mount 

“To step up on this floor and see Mason wearing our red jersey for the first time is a real treat. The kind that from behind I can’t believe it’s true!” added another disciple. 

“Seeing the big stars signing for United, seeing in person the elite players you normally see at the weekend. It creates a deeper bond with the club and the players with this team.” 

“You feel part of this player’s adventure. So it would have been even better to watch Mount score in front of the Stretford End!”

Manchester United ‘s season tickets have increased their prices by 5% for the first time in 11 years , from between £ 532-950 in 2022-23 to £ 559-998 in the new season.