Chelsea selling midfielder Mason Mount.

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Rio Ferdinand the BT Sport analyst regrets instead of Chelsea for selling midfielder Mason Mount to Manchester United. Because of his valuable attributes, scoring goals, creating chances, diligence and homegrown quotas.

Mount made his debut as United’s first player in this transfer window with a £60m deal. Signed until June 2028 with the option to extend the squad for another season. Get a strong jersey number like number #7. 

According to the opinion of the former defender ‘Red Devils’ that. His former agency is a worthwhile investment. UFABET But the question is why the ‘Sing the Blues’ chose to release the footballer who influenced the dressing room. 

“Very pleased to have Mount in the team.” tweeted via @rioferdy5.

“A very talented young player who is full of hunger. He had experience through big games which were full of pressure. And then it’s something to face when playing for United. 

“As a young player he will bring goals, creativity, perseverance and will run into the opposition’s box.” 

“That guy will add quality to the strength. And it’s a style that’s different from other midfielders. 

“I think at some point Chelsea will regret Mount… Next up, United need to go for the No. 9 striker.” 

Since the 2019-20 season, Mount has been Chelsea’s number one record in almost every aspect of the current squad. Including games, minutes, goals, assists, shots on target, creation. Opportunities for team-mates, creating opportunities for team-mates in open play.

Create chances to win goals, touch the ball in the opponent’s penalty area and pass the ball / cross the ball into the opponent’s box.