What is New Normal office change?

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The end of an open-air office Avoid using co-working spaces.

What is New Normal office change? An open-plan office with no partitions and space to work together. It is a new office trend that is more popular nowadays. But the coming of the epidemic May cause this new office trend to come to an end. Because it’s an office model that doesn’t meet social distancing measures to prevent disease.

What is New Normal office change?
Group of multiracial business people working together in the creative co-working space. Team building concept. Office life

Office in the post-Covid era Therefore, a new work area should be allocated. Not conducive to the spread of infection between each other is to have a distance. Switch from sitting in pairs to sitting facing each other, or add a partition to your desk. In order to prevent steer particles, the co-working space, snack bar or pool table is an area that should be avoided. or adjust it to a private space Add a room divider Change the brainstorm meeting to a quiet corner to increase concentration instead.

If the office has a restaurant should be marked to create a distance or if it’s good Employees should sit and eat at their personal desks.

Pay more attention to cleanliness in the office than before.

As said than office and office It’s a place with a lot of people. Board a car and board a boat to travel from many places. Therefore, it is not known who may be a carrier of the virus. Office in the post-Covid era therefore should pay special attention to cleanliness especially in the areas of mutual contact like an elevator button Photocopiers, door handles, handrails, taps, toilet flushers, etc., should be wiped clean in these vulnerable spots. Disinfectant cleaner or 70% alcohol as often as possible. Or at least every 1-2 hours and must pay attention to the ventilation system. Clean air conditioners, air ducts or air ducts. Additional air purifiers may be installed to help purify the air, reducing bacteria and germs that may be present.

In addition, organizations should prepare a disinfection device with gel spray Alcohol Forum ‘s liquid soap and toilet paper out and reserve a sufficient number of employees.    

New Normal office change to touch system

due to the above measures Regular cleaning of common touch points can help reduce the chances of spreading the infection. but what better And should have in the office in the post-Covid-19 era is a device that uses touch systems. in order to reduce joint exposure in the office as much as possible. The basic touch system in the After Covid-19 era that we recommend to have is a sensor door sensor liquid soap dispenser sensor water faucet Foot-operated lidded trash bin or sensor system including finger scanning at work. It is better to switch to using employee cards or using an application to record time in and out instead.