How to choose the color of the bulbs

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How to choose the color of the bulbs ? light bulb color In technical terms. It is called The ‘color temperature’ is expressed in degrees Kelvin. The colored light emitted by the lamp will be warmer colors. Such as orange, red or yellow. The light will come out in cool colors like white or blue which the current bulb. The color temperature can be divided into 3 types: Warm white, Cool white and Daylight.

Warm white bulbs

Warm white bulbs have a color temperature of 2,000 – 3,000 Kelvin, giving off dark yellow to orange light, creating a warm, romantic atmosphere. That helps you relax. It is also the most comfortable light.

Cool white bulbs

Cool white lamp has a color temperature of 4,000 – 5,000 Kelvin. That giving white light in warm tones with softness, brightness is in the middle between Warm white bulbs vs Daylight bulbs. It is a light that is pleasing to the eye. It also gives a feeling of vitality.

Daylight bulbs

Daylight bulbs have a color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin, giving off natural white light. It is considered to be the brightest color.  Also it helps to see clearly and also gives a feeling of bright energetic  to be active and feel awake 

You already know the color of the light bulb. This time, let’s look at that. What kind of light bulbs should be used in this type of room to help create the atmosphere? and suitable for use or actually doing activities in that room

For a room like this…what kind of light bulb should I choose?

lamp for office

for office The atmosphere in the room should be bright. To feel active, energetic and active at all times, should choose daylight bulbs. to make the room look bright. It also helps to see the details of the work being done clearly. Help the color of the workpiece is not distorted from the original as well.