What is Mindset?

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What is Mindset? Mindset is a conceptual framework or set of beliefs. But it is deeper than general thoughts and beliefs because Mindset can affect behaviors, habits, expressions, attitudes, and ways of living in daily life. Including decision-making in various matters. Mindset is what is behind every action and result that happens in our lives.

3 steps to adjust the mindset

According to research by the famous psychologist Carol S. Dweck of Stanford University. The owner of the book ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’ states that there are two types of mindsets:

1. Fixed Mindset

Fixed Mindset is a fixed mindset. People with a Fixed Mindset believe that their intelligence, abilities, or qualities are something that is inherent and predetermined at birth. Can’t change from the original. Simply put, if you think you’re not smart, you won’t make more efforts because you think it won’t help you. But if you think you’re smart, you won’t continue to develop.  

In addition, people with fixed mindset tend to avoid challenges. Dislikes the uncertainties in life, doesn’t like getting out of his comfort zone, is easy to give up, and doesn’t listen to other people’s opinions. He likes to keep doing the same things that he can and will always show himself to be smart. Always know everything They won’t let others see them as stupid or not smart. and often see failure as a stigma in life.

2. Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset is completely different from the Fixed mindset, which is a fixed mindset. People with Growth mindset believe that every talent, every qualification, and everything. can evolve and change with effort These people will believe in the effort. They will always develop themselves, learn and practice various knowledge in order to push themselves to be successful. People with this mindset are more accepting of failure. View failure as just one of the problems in life that must be faced. And will try to find ways to learn to deal with those problems.

Therefore, the quote of the idea mentioned in the beginning It comes from having a Fixed Mindset, limiting ourselves and giving up before doing it. which is a pitfall that keeps us in place If you don’t hurry to change your mindset, it may affect your future career.

3 steps to adjust the mindset, change from fixed to growth to develop yourself

Understanding Your Mindset

As a first step, you’ll want to start with an open mind and figure out your mindset. If you encounter a problem Will you try to find a solution or choose to escape? Or if a new project comes along, you choose to challenge or pass it on to others out of fear of making a mistake. If your answer many times is to run away, refuse to challenge, or don’t want to, then you are more likely to have a Fixed Mindset, which will make you less afraid to develop yourself. Makes working life to a dead end is not difficult. and may affect the way of expression This can affect relationships with bosses and colleagues as well. 

Try to overcome the Fixed Mindset.

Now that you know what your mindset is, the next step is to adjust, but adjusting the mindset that has been around for many years isn’t easy. In the beginning, you may not be able to overcome the built-in fixed mindset. But if in any situation where a Fixed mindset arises, we would like you to take the Growth Mindset into battle, for example, if you are facing a difficult task and the thought automatically comes up saying ‘I can’t do it, if you make a mistake, you will be embarrassed’. Please respond promptly with the thought that ‘Nobody never made a mistake. and mistakes can be learned and corrected.’ ‘We can’t do it’, so hurry to adjust it. ‘We can’t do this yet.’ Try doing this over and over and one day the growth mindset will automatically start to emerge.

Don’t just adjust your mindset, but do it.

After going through the adjustment process, get rid of the Fixed mindset. is to turn the growth mindset into behavior by taking action. If you can That means you’ve started to widen your comfort zone. And if you can continue It means that the ability to develop oneself is more there.

Adjusting your mindset is not an easy task. Especially with people who have a clear mindset of their own, it takes more time. But it all depends on the original idea. If you have an idea that you would like to adjust Changing your mindset is not as difficult as you think. which for those who click to read this article OfficeMate believes that most of them are people who already have some ideas to change their mindset. We are here to support you. Try to change yourself little by little, gradual, gradual, so that you don’t give up halfway.