Rodri praises Pep for raising the level and making it easier for him to play football.

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Rodri Hernandez insists working under Pep Guardiola has elevated him to levels he never thought possible. And now they see football as easier.

The midfielder has been a darling of the Catalan boss since joining City in 2019. But the 27-year-old has been at his peak for the past two seasons.

The Spain international midfielder played a key role in helping City to a historic treble last season. And was the one who scored the winning goal against Inter Milan in Istanbul. Until he was named the best player of the tournament UFABET 

Rodri’s importance to Pep’s side has increased especially in recent weeks. After he received a red card against Forest and was banned for 3 matches.

Manchester City are winless in all three of their domestic games without the midfielder. Losing to Wolves and Arsenal in the Premier League. And were eliminated from the Carabao Cup by Newcastle.

Speaking to El Partidaso de Cope, Rodri was keen to emphasize that Guardiola was paying him just as much.

“He was the most influential coach in my career. He elevated me to a level I didn’t know he was capable of.”

“Once you get used to him, I say, ‘Why don’t you do it to them [opponents] like that?’ I can see things getting easier. He gives you a toolbox and you have more tools than you have.”

“I emphasize the ability we have to make better use of space with less movement. There aren’t many players who haven’t reached the pinnacle.”