How to use the correct power socket?

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How to use the correct power socket, it’s safer. When a standard power plug comes in Should use the correct power plug as well, otherwise the TIS mark. It might not help at all.

  • Take a good look at the power Each power outlet supports different power. Before plugging in any electrical appliances Should check the power of electrical appliances. and the power that the plug can receive Especially with electrical appliances that use a lot of power. such as irons, refrigerators, microwaves, thermos. or hair dryer To connect to the power plug Should be plugged in only 1 plug per power or for safety Connect to the main power socket of the house, it would be better.  
  • Not at home, better to take it off. If you are not home for a long time It’s better to pull the plug of the peripheral device out of the power outlet. To prevent electrical problems that may occur while away from home. Unplugging electrical appliances also saves electricity bills in case your power outlet doesn’t have an on-off switch. 
  • Do not plug in a large number of peripheral devices. If your power strip has 4 outlets, you can plug in all 4 of your power sockets, but be careful not to use more power than what the power outlets can take, but it’s best not to plug them in at the same time. All channels will save the most security. 
  • Do not modify the power strip, power strip, or power strip. Designed for temporary use only. Therefore, components should not be modified. or to be installed permanently Whether it’s wiring across the wall of the room. or buried under the floor because it may cause the wire and the power plug is damaged There is a risk of fire.