How to find a right career for you?

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How to find a right career for you? Additional careers start from their own abilities.

Choosing an additional career for yourself It’s like choosing your main career to do. Part of it must be caused by our own abilities. Let us try to explore ourselves that are capable of anything. by bringing a sheet of paper Write down what you can do. It may be a small activity that had been done a long time ago Hobbies like playing music, doing art, growing flowers, cooking, making sweets, designing, and making up may not be the best. But it is something that has been done and can be done. In fact, it is easier to develop into an additional career.

Additional careers start from personal preferences.

In addition, choosing to do additional occupations from what we like. It’s another way we can start doing it. If we like teaching Can make a career as a tutor Or like leather goods, want to sell, can go to study more before making it a career. because what we like is the original capital We will pay special attention to that. Can learn quickly and can easily be used as a supplementary career.

Extra career starts from the resources we have.

Another way to find a career that is right for us. is to look back and see for yourself what resources can be used to build an additional career such as private cars that can be used to drive passengers in their spare time motorcycle that can be used to work for food delivery outside of regular work hours or residence that can be rented It is also a passive income generation.

‘ will make a supplementary career You must not neglect your regular job.

Additional occupation must be suitable for the time of life.

Choosing an additional career for yourself In addition to being able to What I like must also take into account the matter of time that is suitable for the rhythm of the life of office workers like us as well Must be a supplementary occupation that can be done on vacation or time off work Should not let the additional occupation interfere with our main work time.

A supplementary occupation must not eat up the savings from a full-time job.

The matter of investment in making a supplementary career depends on the financial strength of each person. For some additional occupations that require funding Before investing, do not forget to draw up a business plan. how much to invest How much can you sell per piece? and when to pay back Because in the end, the extra career should be a way to earn more money in our pockets. not doing it because i like it do it because want Or do it only because others do it?

7 additional careers with less investment But make real money!

For those who know themselves but are not sure what to do as a supplementary career Officemate has an additional career to recommend. can be done even with little capital And of course it can be done.

sell photos online

Now we can see that anyone It’s also popular to have a camera as another gadget to accompany you when you go around. If you are one of those who like photography. and want to look for additional careers Let’s try to bring the work that we used to keep and sell it on an online photo selling website. You can earn money every time someone buys our images through these sites as well. For example a ufabet games.

sell second-hand

For those who have items or it may be clothes, shoes, bags that have been collected. Both used and forgotten Another career path is to bring these items to sell as second-hand goods make money for yourself Plus it’s a drain on things that aren’t used in the house. And pass it on to other people to use for more benefits as well. Can be sold through Instagram, Facebook or in general markets.


Anyone who wants to pursue a career as a tutor Find out what subjects you are good at, be it math, science or language, and use this knowledge to earn extra income. Choose a student’s level of education to match their abilities. like elementary school students, high school students, or anyone who likes languages. Try to choose to teach Thai to foreigners. It is another career that makes good income and passing on knowledge at the same time

Get a freelance job

Freelance work It’s another job that makes money easily. And you can choose to do according to the skills you have, whether it’s translating, writing articles, data entry, etc. Some skills can also make a lot of money but in spite of this Schedule and limit the amount of work that is done so that. It will not affect the routine work. Otherwise, it may cause accumulated fatigue. and easily exhausted 

Today, there are many websites for freelancers. Whether the group includes looking for freelancers on Facebook. Or a website designed for freelancers to find jobs especially Fast work. You just need to pry your work and talent out, arrange a great portfolio, and wait to receive customers.

food delivery man

Another career that happened at the same time with changing consumer behavior. Previously, we might be familiar with messengers delivering documents.  Restaurants without food delivery service can deliver food to customers.

sell online

ending with a career that has been popular for a while like online sales Many people can do it as their main occupation. But for anyone who wants to sell online as an additional career. This can be done because there is no storefront. Just use the skill to shoot. And diligently answering is enough to start now. There are many online selling platforms for us to choose from which is easy to use for both the seller and the buyer. Try to choose the one that suits you best.

Youtuber / Blogger / Vlogger

Another popular career that can be made as an additional career to earn money. Most of the revenue comes from views. Advertising costs and the number of Subscribers called if diligent to create content. To Create new content Until having a lot of followers and trending. It may make money up to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. It is one of the most popular money making professions in this era.