Collect money as a salaryman. How to be rich.

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Many people may think that being a salaryman has a low salary that makes them unable to get rich. which wealth is a matter of thought It depends on how we set our financial goals. For some people, having a hundred thousand is already rich. For some people, there must be millions. But regardless of whether the financial goals are set It’s all about how we can reach that goal. Let to see knowledge.

Method 1: Finding Fixed Cost to Reduce Debt

For many people who may start minimum salary that may feel that saving money is too difficult. First of all, you should look at what expenses you have to pay each month, such as mortgage payments, car payments, credit card payments, loans, and food and travel expenses, in order to set aside this amount. Because this money is considered an important part that must be paid regularly. This method may not earn extra money, but it is to “reduce debt” as much as possible for salaryman.

Method 2: Divide the money into proportions so that it can be used properly

collect money - salaryman

when we received the salary then let the system automatically cut the money in the account to various accounts in proportions appropriate to the necessity as well But in this amount, there must be a savings of 30%, and then it may be divided into a regular expense account of 40% and the other 30% of daily expenses. because it was divided into proportions from the beginning

Method 3: Reduce unnecessary expenses

If the funds are insufficient. The next best thing to do is try to cut costs that can reduce. Whether the cost of food may be change to food wrap from home to eat. Or try to explore the cheapest restaurants around your office. Which I think everyone should have done. So try cutting down on other expenses. For example, if you’re a coffee addict, try ways to save yourself some coffee costs, such as making your own coffee at work, or if you like a slightly bitter coffee, you might want to do some research. Drip coffee or any other type of coffee may turn out to be a coffee connoisseur.

Method 4: Get savings insurance

When there is a phone line calling to sell insurance Many people tend to feel uncomfortable. But did you know that life insurance is a form of savings as well? especially insurance that focuses on savings In addition to the protection of life It is also a collection of money to be transparent as well . Salary workers are easily vulnerable to various diseases , so insurance is even more important. If you don’t like buying through an insurance agent You can buy it through a commercial bank as well.

For those who think that they have just start working and have no savings. Should try to study about insurance because it has many returns, many bounce at all. Get protection, save money and get tax deduction as well. Because if saving insurance for 10 years or more, insurance premiums can use to reduce income tax up to 100,000 baht per year.

Method 5, study investment, make money work

In addition to savings. Which is where we put money to deposit. And then another way is that we have to let the money work for us as well. Which is investment whether government bonds Mutual funds or even stocks that every salaryman should study.

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