5 signs that this person is a true friend

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5 signs that this person is a true friend, can be in a relationship, be in a good relationship, have a happy life.

Of course, there may be many friends around us. But not all friends will love and care about us 100%, which if really to say is. even having few friends but a true friend Being really good friends is much better than having friends. But we don’t have friends who truly love and care about us. 

Going anywhere, always be friends

Having friends who are ready to go out with you everywhere. It is one of the good fortunes of life. Because that means they give you a lot of time and attention. which sometimes or some events. We are unable to make decisions or think alone. So this is a good thing. where you will have companions to help you decide and risk death with you in times of need.

Help when problems come and go

When you have to face the dark side of the problem and can’t find the solution. Think again, who was the first person you pressed to call? This means that the friend you decide to call. It’s a friend you trust to tell them your problems. And he can really help you, so be sure to keep this friendship alive. because of this friend of yours He has given you good wishes with a sincere heart.

When there is a dramatic mood Comforting

It‘s normal for many people to focus on what makes them happy. Until sometimes they may forget about the people around them and will only be able to think about it when some problems arise. Which will have a few people in life who feel bored of listening to your old drama stories but never leave you. It can also be an excellent counselor and vent to your heart problems.

Answer all questions asked

When you have a problem or some question that needs an answer. but unable to turn to consult anyone except a friend Let you know that This is who you put your trust in. And this person can keep your secret. Do not forget to turn to thank him in every way. times that have helped you troubleshoot and always be a good adviser to you.

When falling or making a mistake Help pull each other up

If you are wandering the wrong path So don’t forget to thank the person who brought you back. along with admonishing you with good hope. Because that means that he truly loves and cares for you. And I don’t want to see you step up on the wrong path. Until you can’t come back and fix anything in time.